Anders Holch Povlsen

Anders Holch Povlsen has been appointed in a total of 127 companies. Anders Holch Povlsen is no longer active in 0 of these appointments.

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Mutual People

Dennis Green-Lieber

Duuoo ApS is a mutual company

Bowen Thomas Moody

Lernen ApS is a mutual company

Anders Ojgaard

Waremakers ApS is a mutual company

Thomas Pedersen

WineFamly ApS is a mutual company


CompanyControl TypeAppointedDisolvedStatus
WHITEAWAY GROUP A/S Shareholding2014-09-16Active
Ejendomsselskabet Godthåbsvej 41 A/S Shareholding2017-12-28Active
BESTSELLER Legal A/S Shareholding2017-06-19Active
WS GROUP ApS Voting rights2016-01-07Active
Anpartsselskabet af 1.1.2017 Voting rights2017-01-10Active
Aktieselskabet II af 26.11.2018 Shareholding2018-10-01Active
MIINTO HOST ApS Shareholding2016-11-10Active
Bassin 7 Erhverv ApS Voting rights2018-06-06Active
TRETTI DANMARK ApS Voting rights2014-09-16Active
ANPARTSSELSKABET AF 1. APRIL 2010 Shareholding2012-10-02Active
JULIE SANDLAU A/S Voting rights2017-01-26Active
Aktieselskabet af 28. juni 2016 Voting rights2017-01-26Active
MASTESKURENE A/S Shareholding2017-06-16Active
INTERVARE A/S Voting rights2014-03-03Active
BESTSELLER RETAIL EUROPE A/S Voting rights2008-09-30Active
BlackBird Maintenance ApS Voting rights2018-12-05Active
MIINTO HOLDING ApS Shareholding2016-11-10Active
Ejendomsselskabet Søminedepotet ApS Shareholding2017-01-04Active
NORMAL A/S Shareholding2016-12-12Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 1.8.2007 Voting rights2012-07-312017-12-12Active
BESTSELLER AF 24.5.2011 A/S Voting rights2011-05-24Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 14.10.2012 Shareholding2012-10-14Active
Duuoo ApS Shareholding2017-10-26Active
NEMLIG.COM A/S Shareholding2014-03-03Active
UNITED INSURANCE AF 01.08.2011 A/S Shareholding2011-08-17Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 17.9.2014 Voting rights2014-09-22Active
AAA UNITED A/S Voting rights2009-11-12Active
BIANCO FOOTWEAR A/S Voting rights2016-02-02Active
Whiteaway A/S Shareholding2014-09-16Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 5.5.2010 Voting rights2012-12-31Active
KARL KØKKEN ApS Voting rights2014-09-16Active
RETAIL-FABRIKKEN A/S Voting rights2014-09-02Active
ANPARTSSELSKABET AF 19.9.2006 Shareholding2006-09-19Active
Investo Capital I K/S Voting rights2018-10-01Active
Aktieselskabet af 24.5.2019 Shareholding2019-06-26Active
Kontist ApS Shareholding2017-10-262018-10-01Active
Aktieselskabet af 1.3.2017 Voting rights2017-04-28Active
Lernen ApS Voting rights2017-11-28Active
Studio 6A A/S Voting rights2019-06-21Active
CA'SHOTT A/S Shareholding2019-03-22Active
Aktieselskabet af 26. januar 2017 Voting rights2017-01-30Active
&Aplace A/S Shareholding2019-02-01Active
ONLY STORES DENMARK A/S Shareholding2012-05-15Active
BLACKBIRD AIR CHARTER A/S Voting rights2015-02-11Active
ApS KBIL 38 NR. 1627 Voting rights2014-12-31Active
VILA STORES A/S Shareholding2011-05-06Active
ISIB EJENDOMSSELSKAB A/S Voting rights2014-12-05Active
BESTSELLER STORES DENMARK A/S Voting rights2001-06-12Active
MAGURU A/S Voting rights2017-10-262018-06-05Active
UBsend A/S Voting rights2014-12-10Active
Aktieselskabet af 1.2.2017 Shareholding2017-04-21Active
Anpartsselskabet af 10.12.2018 Voting rights2018-12-31Active
STYLEPIT.COM A/S Voting rights2016-04-19Active
HEARTLAND A/S Voting rights2005-02-23Active
Aktieselskabet I af 26.11.2018 Voting rights2018-10-01Active
SKOUSEN ONLINE SERVICE A/S Shareholding2014-09-16Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 9.1.2014 Voting rights2014-01-09Active
ANPARTSSELSKABET AF 1.1.2012 Voting rights2012-01-01Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 5.8.2013 Voting rights2013-08-15Active
Anpartsselskabet af 2.6.2018 Shareholding2018-05-29Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 10.6.2014 Voting rights2014-07-01Active
Anpartsselskabet af 1.12.2018 Shareholding2018-12-31Active
Bestseller Retail Textil GmbH Chief executive officer2009-12-09Active
BYLIV ApS Shareholding2014-06-11Active
United Capital 2009 A/S Voting rights2009-11-13Active
NORMAL A/S Shareholding2016-12-12Active
Bassin 7 Bolig ApS Voting rights2018-06-06Active
SOS EJENDOMME 1 ApS Shareholding2014-09-16Active
BESTSELLER RETAIL EUROPE A/S Voting rights2008-09-30Active
Lix Technologies ApS Voting rights2017-07-07Active
STYLEPIT A/S Shareholding2016-04-19Active
VILA A/S Shareholding2002-03-04Active
J. LINDEBERG DANMARK ApS Voting rights2011-09-30Active
Invest FWD A/S Shareholding2018-11-14Active
CONSTANTINSBORG A/S Voting rights2002-03-04Active
VILA Wholesale A/S Shareholding2018-02-22Active
FOUNDERS A/S Voting rights2012-11-06Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 5.6.2014 Shareholding2014-06-11Active
BESTSELLER A/S Voting rights2001-06-12Active
WHITEAWAY A/S Shareholding2014-09-16Active
Blackbird Air A/S Shareholding2016-09-19Active
Anpartsselskabet Bassin 7, Aarhus Ø Shareholding2016-10-25Active
Dixie Software ApS Shareholding2017-10-24Active
Aktieselskabet af 1.12.2016 Shareholding2016-12-12Active
Vila Stores GmbH Chief executive officer2010-09-29Active
Aktieselskabet af 12.6.2018 Voting rights2018-06-26Active
BESTSELLER UNITED A/S Shareholding2002-03-04Active
ONLY STORES A/S Voting rights2012-03-30Active
Aktieselskabet af 2.7.2018 Shareholding2018-06-26Active
AAA UNITED DANMARK A/S Voting rights2010-02-242019-02-01Active
Headlight ApS Voting rights2018-08-30Active
Investo Capital I K/S Voting rights2018-10-01Active
BESTSELLER LEASE MANAGEMENT A/S Voting rights2001-06-12Active
Plandisc ApS Shareholding2018-12-21Active
Plandisc Group ApS Shareholding2018-12-21Active
MIINTO ApS Voting rights2016-11-10Active
Skousen Mega Syd ApS Voting rights2018-06-22Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 1.8.1996 Shareholding2015-10-01Active
Aktieselskabet af 19.11.2018 Voting rights2018-11-27Active
Blackbird Crew ApS Voting rights2017-07-26Active
JULIE SANDLAU CHINA ApS Shareholding2017-01-26Active
AM PIECES Retail A/S Shareholding2015-06-01Active
BRAINREADER ApS Voting rights2019-05-08Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 21. NOVEMBER 2001 Voting rights2002-03-04Active
BESTSELLER Wholesale A/S Shareholding2018-02-22Active
pond Textile A/S Voting rights2018-05-04Active
Ca´shott Concept Stores ApS Shareholding2019-03-22Active
BESTSELLER Stores Denmark A/S Voting rights2001-06-12Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 16.11.2005 Shareholding2005-11-16Active
BIANCO DANMARK A/S Voting rights2016-02-02Active
BESTSELLER Stores A/S Voting rights2014-04-09Active
FORESEEN FASHION A/S Voting rights2014-11-17Active
Waremakers ApS Shareholding2015-09-042018-12-19Active
HVIDEVARE-FINANSIERINGSSELSKABET AF 21/8 2002 ApS Voting rights2014-09-16Active
DONAU AGRO ApS Voting rights2018-04-16Active
BIANCO FOOTWEAR A/S Voting rights2016-02-02Active
SKOUSEN RANDERS ApS Shareholding2018-06-22Active
AKTIESELSKABET AF 2.12.1998 Voting rights1999-01-27Active
BESTSELLER A/S Voting rights2001-06-12Active
BESTSELLER LEASE MANAGEMENT A/S Voting rights2001-06-12Active
Hypezone ApS Shareholding2018-05-30Active
Brightfolk A/S Shareholding2015-07-08Active
PIPETOP ApS Voting rights2017-10-24Active
Aktieselskabet III af 26.11.2018 Voting rights2018-10-01Active
UNITED INSURANCE AF 01.08.2011 A/S Shareholding2011-08-17Active
Aktieselskabet af 1.1.2019 Voting rights2019-01-16Active
WineFamly ApS Shareholding2018-06-26Active