Providing data management solutions and data analysis for political campaigns, businesses and non-profit organizations. Comprehensive datasets of Louisville, KY crime, city financial transactions, voter behavior and demographics and much more.

Data Management

From testing the validity of your data collection instruments to providing actionable data driven recommendations Data502 covers management for you.

Data Analysis

We have the experience to intuitively find fact based answers to your data questions.  Google Fusion tables offer geocoded maps making it easier than ever to visualize data points geographically.

Data Studio

Data Studio is a Google product that provides connections to many data storage repositories, provides real time data and high customization. Select Demo Data from the header to see sample data from Data Studio.

Data Storage

Using Amazon Web Services and or Google Cloud Platform we can design a data storge solution thats scaleable, reliable and secure. We can provide data storage as unique as your data with MySQL, NoSQL, Flat File, ElastiCache, Dyanamo DB, PostgreSQL, Aurora and many more.

CONTACT FORM offering data solutions in the Louisville, KY area